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Following industry feedback, the Navy is moving away from its initial vision of a program that would produce one ship hull for five mission sets and is instead weighing using two or more designs. (Original publication.) November 29, 2018

Following a last-minute intervention by a top Pentagon official and strong opposition from an influential Republican lawmaker, an amendment to the House defense spending bill that would procure additional Virginia-class submarines has been defeated. (Original publication.) June 28, 2018

A Navy analysis completed last year and sent to Congress in June states the total cost of extending nearly a dozen ship classes between five and 15 years could incur an estimated bill of $203 billion through fiscal year 2047, according to a Congressional Research Service report. (Original publication.) July 12, 2018

The Pentagon's office for independent cost estimates has concluded the Navy's two-ship buy of the third and fourth Gerald Ford-class aircraft carriers will save $3.1 billion -- $900 million less than what the service touted last week following the contract award, a new Congressional Research Service report revealed. (Original publication.) February 5, 2019

The Navy has assessed four potential options to recapitalize the surge sealift fleet through 2048 and estimates the costs will range $22 billion and $38 billion, according to the service's business case analysis viewed by Inside Defense. (Original publication.) May 14, 2019

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