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Portfolio: Breaking Defense (July 2021-Present)


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WASHINGTON — It was an uncomfortable, although not wholly surprising, admission
by one of the Navy’s most senior officers. In a January speech, the head of US Fleet
Forces made it clear that if the US got into a naval war, there was no way the service
could keep damaged ships in the fight.

WASHINGTON — Two key US lawmakers sent a warning shot to President Joe Biden
over concerns that the AUKUS trilateral security agreement could imperil America’s
submarine fleet, according to a letter obtained by Breaking Defense.

WASHINGTON — Two weeks after the US Navy sounded alarms about the state of its
public shipbuilding infrastructure, a new private shipyard merger has closed, with
one small firm buying out another that is currently building the US Coast Guard’s
next-generation heavy icebreaker.

WASHINGTON: Even as Ukraine has proved its military tenacity in ground fighting
against Russian troops, observers of the conflict were stunned late this week after
the Ukrainian military announced it successfully struck the Russian Black Sea fleet’s
flagship with a pair of cruise missiles.

WASHINGTON — The US Navy’s top submariners gathered this week just minutes
away from the Pentagon and with increasing levels of urgency, conveyed a similar
and at times ominous message: The need for the silent service to “get real, get
better” is both immediate and imperative.

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